Friday , May 26 2017

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The Road To Completion

 السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

,Dear Brothers and Sisters

Please find below a breakdown of costs from the new donation form to help continue with the fantastic progress of building our new Mosque in Eastbourne. This form can be downloaded from the website and printed copies will also be available every Friday after Jumma. Thank you for all your support and donations.
1. Mu’sallah each – carpet £50 each
2. First row (x40) – £4000  – £100 each
3. Wudu area – brothers (x12) – £8400 – £700 each
4. Wudu area Sisters (x12) – £8400 – £700 each
5. WCs – Brothers (x4) – £2000 – £500 each
6. WCs – sisters (x2) £1000 – £500 each
7. Windows (x24) £9600 – £400 each
8. Shoe rack brothers (x3) £2400 – £800 each
9. Shoe rack sisters £800 each
10. Boiler (x2) £12000 – £6000 each
11. Kitchen complete – £2400 each
12. Internal doors (x24) £9600 – £400 each
13. Disabled toilet complete £2200 each
14. Radiators (x27) £10,800 – £400 each
15. Lighting (x90) all types £5000 – £80 each
16. Fans (x20) all types – £1600 – £80 each
17. Main door (x2) – £3200 – £1600 each
18. Electronic prayer clock (x2) – £500 – £250 each
19. Shower room complete £4500  – £4500 each
20. Coconut matting (x2) – £240 – £120 each
21. Fire and smoke alarm system £5000 each
22. Mosque sign £2000 each
23. Main gate £1200 each
PLEASE help us build our mosque for our children and the future generations Insha Allah.
Please note that most of the above mentioned items do not include labour cost.
Further costs for tiling, balcony, roofing, timber, metal frames, pillars, cement, bricks, domes, roof lights and other construction items will be added once the above costs are covered.
Weekly updates towards the target will be provided at every Jumma inshallah.
EICC Management

Building Progress Update

To: Local Residents and businesses in the vicinity of Ashford Square, Leaf Road, Susans Road, Councillor Wallis, and Eastbourne Planning

Re: Replacement Mosque Project at 40a Ashford SquareBuilding Progress Update


Work on our new Mosque has progressed well since our last update.


With the beam and block floor completed in November, block work internal and external walls have now reached the height of the first floor and will continue up to the main second floor roof level during February. The scaffold for the external walls is currently being put in place by Austins Cradles, the scaffold sub-contractor.


The ground floor internal steel columns are currently being erected ready for the steel beams, which will support the first floor joints. The first floor itself is planned to be completed by mid-March.


Following completion of the first floor, the carpenters will then start to place the second floor roof joists. The second floor roof itself is planned to be completed by the end of April. During this period, the main windows will also be installed, which together with the roof, will achieve a water-tight building.


At that stage, the majority of the building work becomes internal except for the application of the external render.


E & S Builders continue to have two site workers available to keep traffic flowing in Ashford Square at delivery times and to regularly clean the road.


Site operations will continue to be relatively quiet until completion of the project later this year.


East Sussex Building Control are still visiting the site to ensure compliance with building regulations and Eastbourne Borough Council are kept up to date with progress on site.


Site working hours continue to be 07:30am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday.


On Saturdays, working hours will be 07:30am until 2:00pm. There will be no Sunday works.


We thank Eastbourne’s community for its continued support.


EICC Management

New Mosque Milestone: Flooring!

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Construction is going from strength to strength, with bricks and planks going down to form the flooring! This is a significant milestone in the journey of creating a new modern mosque for the growing Muslim community in Eastbourne.

Thank you all for your continued support and donations – we still need a further £200,000 to complete the Mosque, so please keep donating and watch our new Masjid rise!