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First Prayer at new mosque

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh brothers and sisters in Islam,

Thank you for coming to the Mosque for the guided tour of the new mosque on Sunday 10 December.

It has been a pleasure to show everyone the various additional developments. We believe now we have a vastly improved and bigger mosque with all the facilities including janaza storage ablution and salah.

All this has been possible because we have a strong Muslim community in Eastbourne blessed by Allah. It is His will that Eastbourne has His House. We will have the modern education facilities to ensure our children and adults have a good Standard of Islamic Education.


However we’re still short of funds and the sooner we are able to have more funds, the sooner we will complete the Mosque and or the community to have access to the Mosque. We know the community has donated a lot of money and I can assure you that every penny has been used to its maximum effect and value. We urge you to make an effort to donate whatever you can and let’s complete our mosque comprehensively.

Finally I wish to share with you that the first Azaan was called on Sunday at Zuhr time, Imam Abdel Rahim led the first prayer and then gave a beautiful reminder that the mosque is here and our thoughts should also focus on the next generation. It was a fantastic feeling praying in the new mosque.

May Allah help us raise the remaining funds quickly so that we can move into the new mosque soon.

Thank you to everyone who pulled together to make it a great and memorable day.


Jazakom Allahu khairan

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