Monday , December 18 2017

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Eastbourne Mosque aims to rebuild our present mosque to provide better facilities for prayer, teaching our children, improving facilities for our ladies and ensuring the continuity of Islam in Eastbourne. Our mosque plays an important part in the wider community. The building is antiquated and unsafe. We urgently need to have a safe new building.

We are very grateful to all brothers and sisters who have contributed so far and continue to support our fundraising. Our last TV appeal was successful and so far we have raised £260,000. Our target is to raise £600,000

Eastbourne Mosque will be holding another LIVE TV APPEAL ON ATN BANGLA TV UK on Sunday 12.8.12 from Asr to Fajr. Please tell your friends, relatives and all Muslims around the world to watch our appeal, to call the studio to demonstrate your support and donate generously. This is the Holy Month of Ramadan and all donations made with sincerity for the sake of Allah is multiplied 700 times. Eastbourne Mosque invites you to take advantage of this great opportunity and join hands with us in brotherhood. You can donate through our website or direct to our bank account.

Eastbourne Mosque  wishes you a reflective Ramadan to spend our time in worship, brotherhood and charity. We look forward to and thank you for your generous donation.


Ramadan 2012

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam,

As-Salamu Alaykum

Ramadan 2012

From tomorrow inshallah the Holy month of Ramadan will be commencing.

Taraweeh prayer will be starting from today at 22:45.

May Allah accept our fasting, prayers and all our good deeds.

Please take this opportunity to donate generously to our new mosque project.

Waslamu alikom.


Please note there will be a fund raising meeting on Sunday 10.6.12 after Zuhr prayer at the mosque. It is important that all members attend as we need to work towards the LIVE TV APPEAL during Ramadan. We look forward to seeing you there..


It was decided by the fund raising group that there will be a fundraising group meeting on the FIRST Sunday of every month in the mosque after Zuhr prayer. There will also be adhoc meeting on Friday after Jummah prayer. Please keep in touch so that you are in the know and aware of all our activities.


There will be a charity dinner at Willingdon Community Centre, Hampden Park on 27.5.12.  after Zuhr. Delicious food donated free of charge by our local restaurants and individuals. Entrance fee is a very modest £15 per head. Please bring all your relatives, friends and families to make this a genuinely family occasion for a wonderful cause. This is a great opportunity to please Allah and enjoy a family occasion. We look forward to seeing you there and to raising money for our new mosque.

We need the help and cooperation of the whole community to build our mosque. So, please come along and give us a hand. Play your part to make it happen InshaAllah. Please get the network going and email/text your contacts to donate generously.

It was also decided that we will be holding another live appeal on ATN
BANGLA TV CHANNEL 827 during Ramadan. It will cost 6000 pounds. Contributions towards this fee for ATN is most welcome. Please give your contributions to Sheriff Koomar, Treasurer..