Monday , December 18 2017

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New Mosque Plans

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam,


The Islamic Community of Eastbourne has been given planning permission (application number EB/2010/0445) after five years of struggle to build a new mosque. Our community has started raising funds for the construction of the new mosque. All letters and drawings are at Our appeal is on our mosque website

Images of the Plan Drawings:

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Model Photographs
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The total cost of the building is estimated at 650,000 GBP. This amount will ensure that our mosque is built to a good standard which will represent the unique symbol of Islam in Eastbourne. The mosque is managed by a responsible group of Trustees and our Imam is Sheik Abdel Rahim Chbib.

We appeal to you, The Ummah, to help us build this unique mosque in Eastbourne which is a very conservative area. The Islamic Community of Eastbourne and the wider community will be eternally grateful to you  for the help in building this magnificent House of Allah. We pray Allah grant you Janna for helping in this noble task.

May Allah guide us all on the right path and make it easy for you to help us build His House to establish Islam permanently in Eastbourne.

We look forward to hearing from you for a positive reply in anticipation.

Your Brother In Islam,

Dr. Taleb Durgahee

Chairman of Eastbourne Mosque

Eastbourne Islamic Cultural Centre is a Registered Charity in England.



BN21 3TX
UKTEL: 01323 727866



Eastbourne Mosque is serving the needs of the Islamic Community in Eastbourne and participates in the wider community. The Mosque has progressed tremendously leading religious proceedings and talks in hospitals, schools, prison services and the community at large. We also have a large student population and professionals from different countries mainly from the Middle East, playing an important role in the Mosque.

Our Imam helps the community of students from all over the world especially from Gulf countries. To this end, we offer various Islamic services to the community and wish to develop the Mosque further. We have planning permission to build a new mosque InshaAllah.

Our fund raising is progressing well. We would be very grateful for a donation to further the cause of Islam in Eastbourne. InsaAllah you will be rewarded for your generosity for donatiting in the name of Allah.

We look forward to your generosity and brotherhood. Please donate generously for the sake of Allah.


Eastbourne Islamic Community has been granted permission to build a new mosque and we have started raising funds for the building works to start. The Executive Committee invites all muslims to join hands in this noble task to build the House of Allah. Every penny you donate will be exclusively used for building and your funds will be treated with the greatest of respect.

We also need people to organise fund raising events. Please contact me if you can organise a fund raising event for the mosque.

GIFT AID DECLARATION: If you are a UK Tax payer, please sign the gift aid declaration which will enable us to claim tax back from the Inland Revenue to enhance your donation.

You can donate by:

  1. Making a Standing Order which will ensure you donate a regular amount to this noble cause
  2. Donate online here
  3. Making a Direct Debit which will help us collect your donation
  4. Sending us a cheque made payable to Eastbourne Mosque Building which will ensure all your funds are used for building the mosque
  5. Making a pledge/promissory note so that your money can be part of the budget to build the mosque
  6. Making a refundable loan to the mosque. Your money will be refunded to you over a period of time by the mosque.

Please do not forget that we want you, your presence and your manual help too. Money is not the only answer. Collectively we can achieve our goal and Allah will guide us to the funds. So, please come forward and offer your help so that we can move forward together.

May Allah reward you for your generosity

Please contact us at

With many thanks

Yours truly,

Taleb Durgahee
Chairman of Eastbourne Mosque

E.I.C.C. is a Registered Charity, Registration Number: 803184
situated at Ashford Square, Eastbourne, BN21 3TX.


As most of you know that Eastbourne Council has granted us planning permission to build a new mosque  in Eastbourne. We are delighted that the community has been rewarded with the chance to establish a historical mosque in Eastbourne. We thank everybody for their help, effort and support especially the Eastbourne Faith Forum in particular Martyn Relf and Clive Glenister. The Islamic community is very grateful to the members of the Faith Forum. A special thank you goes to our architect David Hutchison who has done a fabulous job.

I urge everybody to renew our relationship with our mosque and spend more time at the mosque.

The real hard work starts now and the Executive Committee is now formulating a strategy with the community to raise sufficient funds to realise our new mosque. This is a unique opportunity to donate generously towards the House of  Allah and I know you will grab this opportunity with great joy, prayer and hope.

May Allah make it easy for allof us to contribute to this noble cause.

If you want to know further, please get in touch with Taleb Durgahee at

Please keep in touch with this website as all information and our construction plan will be posted here under this heading BUILDING OUR MOSQUE inshaAllah.

Taleb Durgahee

Chairman of Eastbourne Mosque.

Eastbourne Mosque Planning Permission

Dear brothers and sister in Islam,

Asalamu Alikom,

As you are well aware Eastbourne Mosque has submitted an application for a new mosque. This application can be viewed here. You can view the full details here as well.

You may wish to view all the planning and supporting details on this link.

Come and support your local mosque by telling the council here how important it is for us to have a new building which would cater the needs of our growing community. Simply click here and fill out the form.

And may Allah reward you for your support for his house..

Welcome to Eastbourne Mosque

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

Welcome to Eastbourne Mosque’s new website.

Feel free to browse around and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask us..