Thursday , August 17 2017

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Miracles Of The Qur’an

ASA Brothers and Sisters in Islam,

We have a great event coming up next month that we encourage everybody to attend at the AMEX football stadium in Brighton on SUNDAY 29 MAY organised by the Brighton & Hove Muslim Forum (BHMF) and hopes to be a successful as last year.

There will be speakers about the Miracles of the Qur’an, an exhibition and sale of Islamic arts and crafts, clothes, furniture and of course food! There will be a children’s area with face painting and also henna artists.

Our Imam Abdel Rahim will be one of the speakers at the event, which promises to be a great family day out. Other speakers include:

-Yasir Qadi                              

-Abdur Raheem Green

-Yusuf Chambers                   

-Abu Muntasir

-Rahim Jung                          

-Abdullah Rolle

-Abu Talha

-Imam Mohammed

-Imam Uthman

The full address of the venue is AMEX STADIUM, Village Way, Brighton, BN1 9BL

You can also buy tickets in advance: Adult £10, Child  £5 – under 12 years, Family £ 25 (2 adult + 2 children ), Front seating £15

To book tickets and to find out more details, please call 07867773723

We hope to see you all there next month.



Announcement Made At Jummah 08.04.16


ASA WRB brothers and sisters in Islam,

We are pleased to inform you that the works at the new mosque building is progressing very well. Let us give you an idea of how the work is being managed by our community. Three What’s App groups have been set up that we encourage you all to join:

1. Eastbourne Mosque INFORMATION GROUP.

This group is open to all brothers and sisters to follow the daily construction news and regular briefings. To be in touch and in the know, join this official group for the latest information.


This group is so far made up of about twelve people, which includes younger members of the community and we encourage more ladies to suggest ideas to this Group to have their views represented.

This group makes all the decisions about the construction, about fund raising and how the money is spent, about mosque information for our community.

If anybody who has views, opinions and want to influence the decisions and shape our Masjid, then please come forward and send views to this group.


This group supervises the work on a day-to-day basis, on site meetings, monitors progress, liaises with the council and neighbors. This group includes the builder and our Architect.

Please send us an email stating which What’s App group you would like to join along with your mobile phone number and we will add you.

The ground is now being prepared for the foundations. So within the next two-three weeks, the piling will be done. As we all know, the foundation takes time but once we are out of the ground, the body of the building will speed up.

This work is only being possible because our community and people beyond our community have donated funds for Allah’s sake and invested in the akhira. The remaining funds, we have will be enough to do the foundation but we need more money for the actual building – the walls, the roof, windows, doors, carpets and painting.

We thank the brothers and sisters who have donated already and continue to donate. It is so heart warming to see our brothers and sisters walking into Jummah and leaving an envelope with £1000.

Many brothers and sisters have made pledges. We need these funds to be in place now. Others were waiting for the construction to progress, and then donate. We need to collect the pledges and prepare for the body of the building. InshAllah, we look forward to our brothers and sisters fulfilling these pledges now.

One brother has given us a tremendous boost by pledging £30,000. May Allah bless him and his family and build a House for them in Janna.

A simple calculation suggests that we have around 450 Muslim families in Eastbourne and surrounding area. If each family donates £1000, we should have around 450,000 to complete the building. Looking at it another way, we have around 200-250 people who come to Jummah regularly. If we have £1000 from our regulars, we will be nearly there inshAllah.

You can also follow the construction and transformation of our mosque online where we will be posting regular updates on twitter InshAllah. If you have a twitter account, please follow us @EBNMosque and these updates will also appear on the website.


Almost £2500 Raised In Brighton

Salam brothers and sisters in Islam.

We had a very successful evening in Brighton on Sunday where we were warmly received by the community with good company and good food!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Imam of Brighton al Medina Mosque and the people of Brighton for their support and we thank Br Abdel Rahim and Br Tariq for their talks.

The total amount that was collected in cash was £2388 and £107 by Direct Debit.

May Allah bless them and their families and reward them for their saddaqua, and may Allah multiply by hundreds, their generosity.

Thank you to all brothers and sisters from Eastbourne who helped yesterday, may Allah reward you all for your efforts.

We hope to see you at the next fundraising events on Sunday 17 April and Sunday 8th May. We encourage you to take photos of all the activities that you can share and email to use and we can put them on our website gallery and on twitter.

JazakoumAllah khair

Message From Imam Abdel Rahim

Brothers and Sisters in Islam, we are pleased to share with you a message from Imam Abdel Rahim about the demolition of the mosque getting underway:  

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Indeed this a significant phase of the project as the old building is giving way to a new start. May Allah make this a turning point for the entire community to lay strong foundations of strong Islamic brotherhood and solidarity among us and give us the strength to bury all that may weaken this holy bond. May Allah enable us to continue with the spirit of the Masjid.

It is a particular time for prayer and Dua.

Remember the prophets Ibrahim and Ismail as they were constructing the Ka’aba.

JazakoumAllah khair

Update: Mosque Construction

Salam brothers and sisters in Islam.

Here is an update on the mosque construction:

The first phase of demolition has been completed – emptying and gutting mosque building, removal of the roof and asbestos. The hedges around the entrance to the mosque has also been removed (see photos) and now the second phase of demolition will begin tomorrow – Tuesday 5 April where the building walls will be demolished and the floor taken up.

The method of demolition has been approved by National Rail after sending an engineer down to the site and they are happy that the dust and debris will be contained. National Power has also visited the site and we are now waiting for a date to be set for the electrical cable diversion underground.

As the works will now escalate inshallah, more funds are needed. Brothers and sisters in Islam thank you for all your donations so far and to those of you who supported the fundraising event in Brighton last night, where almost £2500 was collected. May Allah reward you in multiples for your saddaqua.

There will be regular construction updates on the website and on twitter, so that we can all follow and experience together the transformation of our mosque.


JazakoumAllah khair


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